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Welcome to this collection of  original oil paintings. I hope you will enjoy your visit here and find a painting which especially appeals to you.



The oil paintings here are grouped under various categories as  Flowers, Landscapes, Religious,  Seascapes, Snowscapes, Still Life and Waterscapes. Each oil painting is accompanied by a description, since I imagine that most people like to know as much  as possible about what they are buying. Moreover:

1. every oil painting has been varnished for protection of the surface from enviromental damage;

2. each oil painting is complete with a free frame which is fully fitted so that the painting is ready for immediate hanging and

3. there are no extra charges for package and postage within the uk (if you are outside the UK please email for information to akwitw2@gmail.com), and every care is taken to ensure that the oil painting you have chosen will arrive in first class condition and

4. all effort is made to dispatch your oil painting within two days maximum of receiving payment through PayPal, plus

5. every oil painting is signed and receives a certificate of authenticity, plus

6. if not satified for any valid reason, a full refund can be claimed within 30 days of payment for every oil painting returned in its delivered and undamaged condition.



Artists who use oil for their paintings broadly have two choices of paint available: opaque and transparent. These types are used in different proportions according to either the approach of the artist or the necessities of a particular painting.

I am self-taught in oil painting, particularly over the last twenty years or so, and much prefer this to any other medium. Of the various supports available, and while occasionally using canvas on a frame, I prefer a wood panel, rather like Rubens who painted in oils, and I often use a modern equivalent like mdf. From the painter's viewpoint, suitably prepared, it provides a very smooth surface; from the buyer's perspective it is less prone to damage and, as Winsor & Newton point out, it is quite rigid and additionally has a long life expectancy; it also lends itself well to glazing techniques which have been well developed in oil paintings over the centuries.



Of the two broad types of paint mentioned above, oil paintings which use opaque paints are quite dense and relatively thick and do not allow the passage of light, whereas transparent oil paints, as the term suggests, are not dense and do allow light to pass through. Generally, the use of transparent paint means an oil painting is built up of a number of separate layers of paint, rather than, say, a single application of paint straight from the tube. Although an oil painting using this technique takes much longer, the finished result is more attractive and the colour one perceives is an optical one and is not the same as a hue straight from a tube. My paintings generally tend to use the glazing technique associated with transparent paints.

Since all the oil paintings here are original, what you buy is a unique work of art. There are no copies or prints or any other type of reproduction, so you will never walk into someone else's house and see the same kind of oil painting you have bought hanging on their wall! It will only be found on yours!